Services Provided For Personal & Business Financial Security

Personal Planning – Life Insurance & Fixed Annuities can be used for:
-Savings & Wealth Accumulation Strategies
-Retirement Planning – Traditional IRA or Roth IRA
-Estate Conservation Planning
-Family Protection
-Funding College Education
-Mortgage Protection
-Charitable Giving

Business Planning – Life Insurance & Retirement Funding can provide:
Buy-Sell Funding
Key Person Protection
-Executive Bonus
-Deferred Compensation-Nonqualified Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan
Retirement: Qualified Plan Funding (Annuities)
Self Employed Plans (SEP)
Simple IRA
412 (e) (3) Plans

Micro K Plans/ Solo 401(k)

Health & Disability Insurance is attainable for:
-Long Term Care Needs
Disability Income
-Group Health Insurance
Dental & Vision Insurance

We are contracted with top rated Insurance carriers in the States we operate in and offer both Individual and Group Worksite solutions.

*Products available through one or more carriers in the States of Florida, New York & New Jersey, VA


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